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Enter into a two way relationship as a company!

Without a dream, no group.
Without inspiration, no choreography.
Without dancers, no enchantment.
Without audience, no applause.
Without money, no performance.

As a professional, leading dance company, Introdans is happy to link up with professional companies in the region. Introdans is a high-quality, Arnhem-based dance company with national and international reach and we can be an interesting and highly inspiring partner for regionally based companies which may, like Introdans, have a national or international reach.

As an Introdans sponsor you contribute to a high-quality cultural institution that has links with a broad and diverse public in the region.

Moreover, a sponsorship can offer your company a lot in various ways. Drawing on the cultural and social responsibility you take on through a sponsorship, you can come into contact in a unique manner with Introdans’ broad target group, comprising the general public, donors and other business partners. A sponsorship can also offer unique opportunities for relationship marketing and human resources. As sponsor you gain access to the creative world of Introdans. Invite your company, team or business contacts to an inspiring evening full of passion and movement in the theatre, and take advantage of secondary programmes such as a look behind the scenes and a chance to meet the dancers. What’s more, as a company you can arrange a tailor-made interactive workshop at the workplace or on location at Introdans, or you can use meeting spaces within the creative environment of our Studio Theatre.

Do you have other ideas or wishes? We will be delighted to develop a tailor-made collaboration in careful consultation with our partners, bringing interesting benefits for both parties and in line with the vision and goals of your company. 

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Existing sponsors and funding institutions

Introdans receives grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel and the Municipality of Arnhem.
Introdans is grateful to its sponsors and partners for their support, dedication and involvement. Without the support of Alliander, Burgers' Zoo, DDJ Accountants & Adviseurs, Dirkzwager legal & tax, Freek and Hella de Jonge Stichting, Rabobank, Siza and The People of the Labyrinths, Introdans would not be Introdans. Cross-pollination and two-way traffic are the basis of all our relationships.

"This is something that appeals to us. Giving energy is our daily work, too. It is crucial for society."

"Culture is the colourful counterpart to the black/white/grey law. Very many people enjoy culture and find it lifts their hearts. We see this as important!"
(Dirkzwager legal & tax)) 

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