Introdans in your testament

Contribute to a future rich in dance!

Ever since its founding in 1971, Introdans has steadily worked to gain a leading and recognised position both nationally and internationally. However, its ambitions extend further and in the future too we want to bring as many generations and target groups as possible into contact with high-quality dance through our exciting productions and projects. Including Introdans in your testament is a fine and very significant way of contributing to this. 

You can support Introdans through your testament in the following ways: 

Bequest: Introdans as a (co-)heir

Besides any family members, friends or other good causes, you can include Introdans in your testament as a (co-)heir. Introdans will then inherit a percentage of your estate as specified by you.


By including a legacy in your testament that will benefit Introdans, you can support our company with a fixed sum or a possession specified by you.

Named fund

By setting up a ‘named fund’ you can donate to a specific goal at Introdans, both during your lifetime and through your testament. This enables you to determine in a very personal manner what your contribution is used for. Moreover, setting up a named fund can be a fine way to associate your name with Introdans for a longer time or to honour someone dear to your memory.

If you support Introdans through your testament in one of the three aforementioned ways you help to assure the continued existence of our company in a future-oriented way and you ensure that your passion for dance can be passed on. This does not only involve large donations. For us, every larger or smaller contribution from an estate is highly valuable and of great importance.

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