The year 2019 is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem. A momentous, dramatic moment in Dutch history. To commemorate this event, Introdans director Roel Voorintholt has created a programme revolving around the themes of conflict, strength, energy and going to the extreme. THE BATTLE opens with an imposing ‘old master’: Missa Brevis, the magnum opus by one of the grandmasters of American modern dance, José Limón. The women of Introdans appear in Alma, a new creation by Cayetano Soto. In this programme Introdans also proudly presents the Dutch premiere of Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui’s Qutb. The female role in this poignant dance trio was created for no-one less than the Russian star ballerina Natalia Osipova. THE BATTLE closes with a ‘battle’ by – the name already speaks volumes – the American choreographer Robert Battle: The Hunt, a dynamic and powerful piece for six men.  

Missa Brevis - José Limón

Mexican choreographer José Limón (1908-1972) is seen as one of the founding fathers of American modern dance. He developed his own dance technique which is still taught all over the world. In 1946 he set up the Limón Dance Company, which continues to honour his artistic heritage with a lively spirit. When the group was celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2016, Introdans was the first Dutch company to receive permission to perform Limón’s masterpiece Missa Brevis. This choreography is set to a mass composed by the Hungarian Zoltán Kodály towards the end of the Second World War. Limón’s inspired and moving choreography is imbued with indomitable human strength – like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Qutb - Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (Dutch premiere)

Introdans now has four creations by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui in its repertoire. And Introdans has always been the first company allowed to perform these works after the company for which each work was originally made. This is also true of the latest, fifth acquisition: Qutb, which the top Flemish-Moroccan choreographer made for the London Sadler’s Wells Theatre and the phenomenal star ballerina Natalia Osipova. With his work Qutb (Arabic for axis or fulcrum) Cherkaoui aimed to “explore unknown and dangerous territory”. Mutual dependence, contact improvisation, flow and trance are the physical means through which the three dancers seek to connect with one another. The result is a combination of extreme fragility and intense focus and power. “Like a ritual of transition or a trek through the desert to an unknown destination.”

ALMA (World premiere) - Cayetano Soto

The Spanish choreographer Cayetano Soto, one of the most internationally sought-after dance makers at the present time, is creating a new work for THE BATTLE. Soto is renowned for his strong, idiosyncratic concepts and the technical challenges he presents to his dancers, particularly in the complex partner work of his ballets. Introdans has regularly been presenting new works by him ever since 2010. Now in his choreography for THE BATTLE, Soto is creating a piece exclusively for the women of Introdans that centres on the question of how a drastic, intense experience (such as living through a war) affects people. Prior to the new piece of Soto, a new film can be seen from Dutch filmmaker Inge Theunissen, with whom Soto previously made the film Conrazoncorazon.

The Hunt - Robert Battle (Dutch premiere)

“A real blockbuster.” That’s how The New York Times described The Hunt, one of the most popular works by Robert Battle, artistic director of the renowned Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. This tough, dynamic male-danced choreography depicts a primeval dance ritual with a strong contemporary urban undertone. Inspired by his own background in the martial arts, in this work Battle explores the relationship between contemporary sports and the ancient rituals of the gladiators. Set to the powerful percussion music of Les Tambours du Bronx, the six men struggle against both their own physical boundaries and their emotional stamina.

Missa Brevis (short version)

Choreography José Limón | music Zoltán Kodály, Missa Brevis in Tempore Belli presented by The Cancel Choir of The National Presbyterian Church Washington D.C. | set and costume design Ming Cho Lee | lighting design Steve Woods | repetiteur Diane Matla | thanks to Sarah Stackhouse | duration ± 23 minutes | world premiere 11 April 1958, Juilliard School, New York (US) | premiere Introdans 26 December 2016, Arnhem


Choreography Cayetano Soto | music Henry Purcell, Dido & Aeneas Act. III Z626, Thy hand Belinda, Dido’s Lament executed by MusicAeterna New Siberian Singers | lighting and costume design Cayetano Soto | costumes made by Martine Douma | guest repetiteur Mikiko Arai | repetiteur Diane Matla | duration 8 minutes | world premiere 27 September 2019, Arnhem

Film Alma

Artistic concept Itmoves in cooperation with Cayetano Soto | music Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man, Spider Monkey | direction Itmoves (Inge Theunissen) | duration 5 minutes | thanks to Erik Stalenhoef and René Ruiter


Choreography Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui | original producer Sadler’s Wells (London) | sound design Felix Buxton | music Felix Buxton, Fahrettin Yarkin, Sufi Vocal Masters, Mono & World’s End Girlfriend | set and lighting design Fabiana Piccioli | costume design Kimie Nakano | set made by Roma BV | costumes made by Merlijn Koopman, Babette van den Berg | assistant to the choreographer Jason Kittelberger | guest repetiteur Joseph Kudra | repetiteur Raffaële Irace | duration ± 13 minutes | world premiere 29 June 2016, Sadler’s Wells, Londen (UK) | Introdans-premiere 27 September 2019, Arnhem

The Hunt

Choreography Robert Battle | music Les Tambours du Bronx, Jungle Jazz, Les Boulets Se Rebiffent, Black Bull | lighting design Burke J. Wilmore | realization lighting Christopher Chambers | costume design Mia McSwain | costumes made by Merlijn Koopman | guest repetiteur Angelica Stiskin | repetiteur Marlena Wolfe, Raffaële Irace | duration ± 13 minutes | world premiere 2001, Parsons Dance Company, New York (US) | premiere Introdans 27 September 2019, Arnhem


*** THE BATTLE brings dance close to everyone (Trouw, 30-09-2019)
*** Ballet centring on conflict, resistance, energy and resilience. (NRC, 29-09-2019)
*** It’s the last two works in the programme that deliver the requisite power. (de Volkskrant, 18-10-2019)
*** 'THE BATTLE' by Introdans – Powerful and full of emotion. (Theaterparadijs, 29-09-2019)

A fantastic evening, and what a fine ballet company Introdans really is. The individual and even idiosyncratic programming makes them one of the finest dance groups in the Netherlands and far beyond. (Theaterparadijs, 29-09-2019)

About Missa Brevis

A museum piece (Trouw, 30-09-2019)

About Qutb

This may be the best Introdans-performance of a work by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui to date. (, 01-10-2019)

The scenes in which the three of them move together, enveloping each other like one living organism, are breathtaking. Their movements are haunting, sensual, raw. (, 01-10-2019)

About ALMA

Dancer Nienke Wind excels in a choreography of shocking poses, showing us how an intense experience can rip through a body. (Trouw, 30-09-2019)

The finest part of the evening. (de Volkskrant, 18-10-2019)

About The Hunt

Two diametrically opposed visions of physical resilience. (de Volkskrant, 18-10-2019)

His work The Hunt is a men’s choreography, rhythmic and with plenty of swing, a demonstration of strength and resistance. (NRC, 29-09-2019)

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