Chairs fly through the air and travel in circles: SO YOU THINK YOU CAN CHAIRDANCE is a programme full of inventiveness, humour and hilarity – and a family show in which Introdans once again shows its best qualities. The Dutch choreographer, David Middendorp, who astonished the juries of America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent, among other critics, has created new work for this programme. In addition, Introdans is presenting the Dutch premiere of two exciting ‘chairdance choreographies’ by Alexander Ekman and Ángel Rodríguez respectively. And finally Mauro de Candia’s crazy ballet Purple Fools rounds off this dance celebration.

New work by David Middendorp

David Middendorp occupies his own special place in the dance community: he is unparalleled in his ability to combine live performance and virtual dance in a manner both natural and highly effective. As the son of an engineer and a children’s book illustrator, his love of technology and animation goes back to early childhood. He uses both of these in his dance productions to transport his audience to another world. What’s so striking is the way that his work is poetic while also containing plenty of craziness and slapstick. In his new creation made for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN CHAIRDANCE he takes his successful America’s Got Talent duet as his starting point, and the chair as source of inspiration.

Dutch premieres by Alexander Ekman and Ángel Rodríguez

The work of the Swedish choreographer Alexander Ekman is special thanks to its fantastic sense of humour and masterful timing. This also goes for the boisterous ‘chair choreography’ that he created as part of his production Whim. However much the dancers shout out loud and run around, however wildly they hurl their arms and legs in the air, Ekman’s work requires a huge degree of concentration from the performers and almost military precision. Here, the baroque tones of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons and Ekman’s original dance idiom, often derived from everyday movements, prove to be a golden combination.
In Nine Words the Spanish choreographer Ángel Rodríguez shows how chairs can be used in a very different way. Not all piled up or mixed chaotically like in Whim, but instead arranged in clear-cut formations. Rodríguez is making his Dutch debut in this programme, and specially for the occasion he has added a new duet to his powerful and swinging chairdance choreography for ten dancers.

Purple Fools by Mauro de Candia

The Italian choreographer Mauro de Candia lets his wild imagination run free in Purple Fools, which by the way also reserves a leading role for the chair. In a ballroom-like setting, ten dancers – clad in chic evening dress – act out a masterful game of challenge, seduction and display set to nostalgic renditions of music by Offenbach, Vivaldi, Strauss and Mozart, among others. The hilarious and chaotic elements steadily increase, making Purple Fools a fantastic conclusion to the programme SO YOU THINK YOU CAN CHAIRDANCE.

Nine Words

 Choreography Ángel Rodgíguez


 Choreography David Middendorp


 Choreography Alexander Ekman

Purple Fools

Choreography Mauro de Candia 

Nine Words

choreography Ángel Luis Rodríguez Ortíz | music Goldmund, Leading; Giovanni Sollima, La sostanza dei Sogni for Six Cellos: 7, Djugurba; Evelyn Glennie, Philipp Sheppard, Ice drive; Zoë Keating, We insist; Dan Romer, Benh Zeitlin, End of the World | costume and set design Ángel Luis Rodríguez Ortíz | lighting design Olga Garcia (a.a.i.) | repetiteur Marina Jimenez | ballet master Iris Reyes | duration 14 minutes | world premiere 5 May 2016, Conservatorio Superior de Danza María de Ávila, Madrid | premiere Introdans (extended version) 14 October 2017, Arnhem


choreography David Middendorp | music Genevieve Murphy, special composition; Radiohead, Exit music (for film) | set and lighting design & animation David Middendorp | animation Dutch Tilt Studios - Mathijs Brussaard & Peter Geerts | costume design & realisation Karisma Costumes | ballet master Marlena Wolfe | duration 12 minutes | world premiere 14 October 2017, Introdans Arnhem, Painting is a co-production of Introdans and Another Kind of Blue

(part of) Whim, Fractured fairytale

choreography Alexander Ekman | music Antonio Vivaldi, The four seasons – Winter, uitgevoerd door Orpheus Chamber Orchestra conducted by Gil Shahan | costume and set design Alexander Ekman | lighting design Alex Kurt, re-design Hans Giesberts | costumes made by Merlijn Koopman | repetitieur Mathilde van de Meerendonk | ballet master Iris Reyes | duration 9 minutes | world premiere 16 June 2006, IT Dansa, Barcelona | premiere Introdans 14 October 2017, Arnhem

Purple Fools

choreography Mauro de Candia | music Jacques Offenbach, Barcarolle; Gerardo Matos Rodríguez (Arr. Edmundo Ros), La Cumparsita; The Continental, My heart sings; Antonio Vivaldi (Arr. Gidon Kremer), Largo (da L’inverno); Johann Strauss, The Blue Danube; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, The Queen of the Night; Dimitri Sjostakovitsj, Foxtrot; Johann Sebastian Bach, Aria Sulla quarta corda, Orchestersuite Nr. 3 D-Dur; Amilcare Ponchielli, Danza delle Ore | set, costume and lighting design Mauro de Candia | repetiteur Denis Malinkine | ballet master Iris Reyes | set and costumes thanks to Städtische Bühnen Osnabrück | duration ± 27 minutes | world premiere 16 February 2012, Milwaukee Ballet, Milwaukee | premiere Introdans 1 March 2014, Arnhem