Who doesn’t remember the two ‘clicking’ lady dancers in Wrapped? Whole auditoriums of children ‘clicked’ along during this duet, both hilarious and poetic, by the Israeli choreographer Inbal Pinto. We’d like some more of that, thought artistic director Roel Voorintholt, and this was the seed of the idea for PRETPAKKET (‘Fun Pack’), a programme dedicated fully to the work of Inbal Pinto. In addition to Wrapped, this will also feature a world premiere by Pinto.

This family show will premiere on March 6, 2021 and travels through Dutch theaters until June 6, 2021. An agenda with all dates is available in 2021.

Wrapped | choreography Inbal Pinto

Inbal Pinto received several awards for Wrapped, one of her first creations – including a prestigious American Bessie Award. At the time the press described the work by this Israeli choreographer as “a breath of fresh air.” In Wrapped she merges humour and poetry in a visually rich, imaginary world to create, as she says, an urban legend. A Christmas tree, paper hats, raincoats, romantic dresses, a bird, dancers on stilts and many other ingredients go to make the choreography a feast for the eye.
After previously having danced various excerpts from the choreography, in PRETPAKKET Introdans now presents the complete version of Wrapped for the first time.

New creation | choreography Inbal Pinto

Introdans is extremely proud to present a world premiere by Inbal Pinto in the PRETPAKKET show. This is the first time the idiosyncratic choreographer is creating a work exclusively for the dancers of Introdans. It’s a special event, because normally Pinto only makes choreographies for her own company.

‘The effect is of a bag of vivid fabric scraps being artfully tumbled onto the stage.’ – The New York Times on Wrapped

‘Pinto creates a fairy-tale world and (…) her dance idiom is exuberant and hugely theatrical (…) In particular the imaginative dialogue with a taut sheet at the end of the piece is moving and enchantingly beautiful.’ – Het Financieele Dagblad on Wrapped

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