From 17 September 2020, Introdans will dance a new creation by Regina van Berkel in the Eusebiuskerk. With sustained resonance, Van Berkel creates a dance installation for 33 Introdans dancers that is performed in a striking and impressive monument in the center of Arnhem. The Van Dingstee quartet provides live music. Due to the corona crisis, artistic director Roel Voorintholt redefined Introdans' artistic programme. In the Eusebius he found an inspiring but also practical location, one that gives the dancers and the audience a lot of space. The first rehearsal period came about via video calling. In June, rehearsals started in small groups in Introdans studios.

This performance will premiere on September 17. Ticket sales start on August 17 at 12.00 hours via Stadstheater Arnhem.

sustained resonance | choreography Regina van Berkel

Regina van Berkel, Dutch-born but now resident in Germany, has twice made a guest choreography at Introdans in recent years: the company has danced her extraordinarily successful choreographies Memory of a Shape and Frozen Echo. What’s more, things really clicked between the dancers and Van Berkel. Voorintholt recounts: “Something really happened in the studio, the dancers matured even more through the collaboration with Regina.”
Now Van Berkel is making a new creation specially for Introdans, performed by an extra-large cast of dancers. In the Eusebiuskerk all dancers dance together in sustained resonance. After this, Van Berkel makes a theater version that is part of the program AMAZING ASIA (on tour from October). Moreover, Van Berkel will work together with the well-known Dutch string quartet Van Dingstee Kwartet, where the musicians will share the stage with the dancers. This group will be performing various works, including compositions by the Chinese composer Zhou Long and the American composer Alan Hovhaness.

sustained resonance
choreography Regina van Berkel | concept Regina van Berkel, Dietmar Janeck | music John Cage, Zhou Long, Alan Hovhaness, Yi-Wen Jiang* | live performed by Van Dingstee Kwartet | light design Dietmar Janeck | costume design Regina van Berkel | narrator Jamy Schinkelshoek | text Regina van Berkel, Jamy Schinkelshoek | repetiteur Diane Matla, Jorge Pérez Martínez, Marlena Wolfe | duration +/- 45 min | world premiere 17 september 2020, Eusebiuskerk Arnhem

sustained resonance is performed by dancers | Ruben Ameling, Aymeric Aude, Emma Bogerd, Giuseppe Calabrese, Salvatore Castelli, Nina Dijkman, Lucas Donner, Fabio Falsetti, Alexis Geddes, Yulanne de Groot, Hayden Idrus, Merel Janssen, Brooke Newman, Elena Pampoulova, Kim van der Put, Jillis Roshanali, Elisa Rudolf, Vivian Sauerbreij, Mathieu Di Scala, Jurriën Schobben, Pascal Schut, Alberto Tardanico, Vincenzo Turiano, Federico Tosello, Angelica Villalon, Alberto Villanueva Rodríguez, Nienke Wind | trainees | Mark van Drunick, Roos Englebert, Leah Reiter, Ryunosuke Ujiharia, Léa Visser | narrator | Jamy Schinkelshoek

*Compositions: John Cage In a Landscape | Zhou Long Song of the Ch'in No. 17. | Alan Hovhaness Bagatelle No. 1.; Bagatelle No. 2.; Bagatelle No. 3.; Bagatelle No. 4.; String Quartet No. 1. Fugue No. 8.; Suite Gamelan in Sosi Style No. 9.; Suite Spirit Murmur No. 10.; Suite Hymn No. 11. | Yi-Wen Jiang Harvest Celebration
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sustained resonance is one of the rare current performances where it is actually possible to forget that it has been made under strict Corona conditions. Yet at the same time, this piece would never have been made if it weren’t for Corona. (Movement Exposed, 19-09-2020)

It is a great way for Introdans to start the season: with its entire tableau of dancers, in one of the most iconic – and historic – locations of Arnhem, the company’s homebase. (Movement Exposed, 19-09-2020)

Despite the guidelines of the RIVM during the corona pandemic, Introdans and choreographer Regina van Berkel know how to creatively deal with all limitations, with sustained resonance as a magnificent result. (Dans Magazine, 28-09-2020)

Sometimes the movements of the dancers are still and sensitive. Then again they dance like power animals and effortlessly take possession of the large, high church. (Dans Magazine, 28-09-2020)

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