Introdans celebrates the power of diversity

Welcome to the Introdans HubClub

Introdans celebrates the power of diversity with a contemporary dance programme: the HubClub. The artists of the HubClub are irresistible, guaranteed to blow everyone out of their (wheel)chair. So what’s it about? The HubClub presents a select group of top Dutch dance performers and the evening’s atmosphere is like a nightclub: the audience relaxes at little tables around a dance floor and is treated to acts from diverse/inclusive professional dance art. Besides the Introdans ballet company, the line-up includes performers Redouan Ait Chitt, Misiconi Dance Company, Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri, Ruben Chi and Rutkay Özpinar. What’s more, the HubClub features new work by young artistes Jordy Dik, Nina Funk, Chantal de Vries and Holland Dance Festival/Junadry Leocaria. The HubClub is a showcase of irresistible, attractive, inclusive dance art.


The HubClub is a new production by Introdans in which the Arnhem-based modern ballet company presents the jewels of Dutch inclusive/diverse professional stage dance art to a wide public. It’s inspired by Introdans’ successful Encounters series, which has been running ever since 2001. The Council for Culture views Introdans, a structurally funded dance company, as a leader in the field of inclusion and it recently described the company as follows: Introdans leads the way with its inclusive vision and demonstrates great commitment in the region. The Council also views its inclusive working approach as interesting. Under the motto ‘Everyone can dance’ the company develops interactive projects on the basis of its current repertoire, aimed at education, the social domain, the leisure domain and for fostering talent in society.

Besides Introdans, many other Dutch initiatives have also been doing pioneering work with the aim of professionalising inclusive dance art. Introdans sought contact and exchange with these parties and has invited them to the HubClub. Together these artistes form a colourful mix of humanity: young, old, multicultural, physically/mentally diverse, M/F/X, LHBTQ. Thanks to the unique system of “the deferred theatre ticket”, regular dance fans give other people the chance to attend this evening – so the audience will be just as colourful and diverse as the performers.

The HubClub is an Introdans production. In collaboration with Holland Dance Festival, Zuiderstrandtheater, De Kring Roosendaal, Theaterwerkplaats Tiuri and Stadstheater Arnhem.

The HubClub is also introducing the strikticket (‘ribbon bow ticket’) for admission to the event. This ticket costs €30: the buyer themself gains admission to the HubClub and in addition a second person gets invited to the show by the organisation. So the purchase of a strikticket makes the HubClub accessible to visitors who might otherwise find the threshold of a theatre visit too high (or not yet a natural choice).


Eva Eikhout en Rutger Messerschmidt


Introdans, MBO Dans Rijn IJssel en Theaterwerkplaats Kazou

choreography Chantal de Vries | dancers Jens Hertog, Marshall Janse, Vincenzo Turiano | singer Nick Ruhe | music Peter Weekers | text Dorine Wiersma

No Bodies - The Pop Up Edition

Theater Tiuri

choreography Jordy Dik | dancers Margriet Jacobs, Igor Memic, Loura Sita van Krimpen, Anneloes van Schuppen | live music Vincent Dankelman | stage design Lian Verhoeven


Redouan Ait Chitt

concept & staging Shailesh Bahoran | choreography Redouan Ait Chitt, Shailesh Bahoran | dancer Redouan Ait Chitt | music Rik Ronner

HubClub Ella

Alexis Geddes (Introdans) | Ruben Chi

original choreography Robert Battle | adaptation Ruben Chi, Alexis Geddes, Marlena Wolfe | dancers Alexis Geddes, Ruben Chi


Nina Funk

choreography Nina Funk | dancers Rosanna ter Steege en Emre Özcan | video artist Silvie Konings

Shifting Faces

Misiconi Dance Company

concept, choreography & artistieke director Joop Oonk | dancers/performers Misiconi Dance Company Enya Straver, Claudia Scaringella, Suzanne Lamers, Manouk Schrauwen, Mathilde Dikzwager, Saskia Spierenburg, Ivar Draaisma, Jordy Ruhl | dramaturgy Floor Cremers | light design & technical production Sanne Hensen | costumes & stage design Esmee Thomassen | music Ed de Vos | funding Gemeente Rotterdam, Volkskracht, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, AFK, VSBfonds, Elisa Mathilde Fonds


Rutkay Özpinar

choreography en dance Rutkay Özpinar



choreography Adriaan Luteijn | repetiteur Chantal de Vries | dancers Mathieu Di Scala, Giuseppe Calabrese, Edwin van der Burg | music Jaap van Keulen | costume design and creation Ben Voorhaar, Karisma Costumes | light design Maarten van den Berg

Yours truly, with love.

Holland Dance Festival Productie

choreography Junadry Leocaria | singer Florans Harris | dancers Annemieke Mooij, Wendy de Vries

Rhythm Roulette

with a.o. Ruben Chi, Margriet (Tiuri) and Vincenzo Turiano (Introdans)

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