Movements by athletes often have a lot to do with dance. Conversely, choreographers often take their inspiration from sportspeople. In the new family show GRUPO SPORTIVO, Introdans shows where this can lead: crazy, funny, enchanting choreographies, exciting and captivating for all age groups. Football, gymnastics, acrobatics, it’s all there in this multifaceted production with work by choreographers Daniel Ezralow, Conny Janssen, Fernando Melo, Jorge Pérez Martínez and Roberto Scafati. The programme title GRUPO SPORTIVO is a nod to Gruppo Sportivo, the Dutch pop group that celebrated great success at the end of the 1970s and is currently experiencing a comeback.

Freistoss - Roberto Scafati (Introdans premiere)

Freistoss (‘free kick’) by the Italian choreographer Roberto Scafati is all about the love of the ball. Set to Charles Aznavour’s ultimate declaration of love Sur ma vie, Scafati takes you closer to the game than any live football transmission. Freistoss shows it all: from the melodramatic player protests to the heated discussions with the referee. In slow motion and with a big dose of humour.

Dream Play - Fernando Melo (Dutch premiere)

The most striking feature of Fernando Melo’s choreography Dream Play is that it doesn’t include a single dance step. Throughout this piece the dancers lie on the floor, but listen up: during this time they fly through the air, walk on a slackline, perform impressive juggling tricks and climb on each other’s heads. How’s that possible? In this widely praised choreography, Melo – born in Brazil and currently living in Switzerland – makes highly ingenious use of cameras and projections. Inspired by, among other things, the kaleidoscopic Hollywood dance films of Busby Berkeley and the characters of the commedia dell’arte, he creates a magical world. As viewer you are constantly being wrong-footed by this approach. Meanwhile the music by Frédéric Chopin and Erik Satie provides a wonderfully poetic, melancholic undertone.

Moving Target - Conny Janssen (excerpt, Introdans premiere)

Moving Target, an early work by the celebrated Dutch choreographer Conny Janssen, had been on the wish list of Introdans director Roel Voorintholt for a long time. This choreography has a narrative background but for this programme Voorintholt has selected the first, abstract section in which three dancers hang from a horizontal bar like sleeping bats. Starting from this uncomfortable positon, they curve their backs with amazing strength, stretch out, lift themselves up and turn around. Horizontally, vertically – just like top-level gymnastics, Moving Target demands amazing muscle control.

Eight Heads - Daniel Ezralow

Eight Heads by the American Daniel Ezralow – whose work is also featured in the Broadway smash-hit production Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark – has been a hot item in the Introdans repertoire for many years. Ezralow’s choreographies often have a ‘showy’ character but at the same time demand exceptional physical skill. In Eight Heads he sends eight dancers, moving with tight, robot-like movements, into an exhausting acrobatic game with sets of stairs. The performers have to be both fast and extremely precise. The Chicago Tribune called Eight Heads “a marvellous piece, as exhilarating for the audience as it is exhausting for the dancers.”

World premiere - Jorge Pérez Martínez

Jorge Pérez Martínez is one of the fast-rising choreographic talents produced by Introdans in recent years. The Spanish choreographer booked a big success with his fresh and feisty Azul as part of the MÉDITERRANÉE programme in late 2017. For GRUPO SPORTIVO he is making a new choreography for several women. Sporty, of course, but with startling humour, too.

Dream Play

choreography Fernando Melo | music Erik Satie; Frédéric Chopin | costume design Jérôme Delbey | lighting design David Stokholm | costumes made by Renske Kraakman | guest repetiteur Shumpei Nemoto | repetiteur Jorge Pérez Martínez | duration + 20 minutes | world premiere 8 July 2017 Aspen Santa Fe Ballet, Aspen (US) | premiere Introdans 19 October 2019, Arnhem

Moving Target (fragment)

choreography Conny Janssen | music Kevin Volans, White man sleeps nr.5, executed by door Kronos Quartet | set design Thomas Rupert | costume design Babette van den Berg | lighting design Hans Giesberts | costumes made by Merlijn Koopman | guest repetiteur Iris Reyes | repetiteur Jorge Pérez Martínez | duration ± 5 minutes | world premiere 24 September 1992, Conny Janssen Danst, Leiden | premiere Introdans 19 October 2019, Arnhem


choreography Jorge Pérez Martínez | music Grieg, Holberg Suite; Prelude, GavotteMusette, Air-Andante Religioso, Rigaudon, executed by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra | costume design Sjaak Hullekes | lighting design Berry Claassen | costumes made by Hermien Hollander | duration ± 14 minutes | world premiere19 October 2019, Arnhem


choreography Roberto Scafati | music Charles Aznavour, Sur ma vie | costumes thanks to Vitesse | lighting design Ulrich Babst | guest repetiteur Guillaume Huot | repetiteur Marlena Wolfe, Jorge Pérez Martínez | duration ± 3 minutes | world premiere 2001, Theater Ulm, Ulm (DE) | premiere Introdans 19 October 2019, Arnhem

Eight Heads

choreography Daniel Ezralow | music Philip Glass, Powwaqatsi, Sierra Pelada | set and costume design Daniel Ezralow | lighting design Jan Hofstra | repetiteur Diane Matla, Jorge Pérez Martínez | duration ± 23 minutes | world premiere 1988, Batsheva Dance Company, Tel Aviv (IL) | premiere Introdans 23 February 2002, Arnhem
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