A ‘coming of (a certain) age’ show with young people, adults and elderly people to mark the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden

Monday, 25 September 1944. It’s intended to be the biggest liberation operation of the Second World War – Operation Market Garden – but it goes completely wrong. The bridge at Arnhem turns out to be one too far and the consequences are disastrous. The north and west of the Netherlands remain unliberated, and when the German army forces the population to evacuate, Arnhem in transformed into a ghost town. More than 150,000 people abandon their homes and leave the city without knowing when they might return. On foot, with only a few blankets and some food, heading towards the Dutch famine or ‘Hunger Winter’ and great uncertainty.

What it’s like to leave everything behind

September 2019. Exactly 75 years later the audience gathers in the centre ofArnhem. They gaze at an empty square, a neglected area of the city. A group of young people are clumped together and are trying to imagine what it might be like to suddenly have to leave everything behind. What do people think and feel during such a forced departure? Together with their parents and grandparents they are trying to find possible answers, and in turn they are helping to keep memories alive. Several generations are coming together, because evacuation is not something you do alone.

An impressive and topical on-location show

Fleeing from war and violence – it’s an issue more topical now than ever. With EVACUÉ, Introdans and Toneelgroep Oostpool are making a moving and incisive on location show about what forced departure does to people and communities. The fear created by uncertainty merges with mundane aspects of everyday life in this new ‘coming of (a certain) age’ show. The production is part of the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden.

Adriaan Luteijn (Introdans) and Charli Chung (Toneelgroep Oostpool) are joining forces for this production. Together with young and older amateur dancers and actors, they are making an on-location show in the centre of Arnhem, as part of the commemorations of the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden. The music is by Tonny Nobel and the text is by Jibbe Willems.

choreography and direction Adriaan Luteijn & Charli Chung | text Jibbe Willems | music Tonny Nobel | acting and dancing Sofie Bernards, Minoe Bossink, Merel Bruins, Ruth Bulsink, Joeke Groot, Ruby Gubbels, Merijn Hardeman, Nathan van Helvoirt, Josien van de Hesseweg, Karolien Janssen, John Kateman, Monique Koolen, Thije Koot, Marjolein Nijbroek, Luisa Ortiz Smit, Toska Plantinga, Cees Pieter de Putter, Elza Rous, Ruud Ruijgrok, Marianne Schoonderbeek, Ema Sindelarova, Kelly Slinger, Sofie Staals, Ronnie Stafford, Christèl Wormgoor and Holly van Zoggel

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