The Introdans CHRISTMAS GALA has been a regular feature for years now. On and around the days of Christmas, exclusively in Arnhem and Apeldoorn, all the dancers of the Introdans ensembles perform a programme created specially for this occasion. This programme is announced at the start of the season but we can already give a little sneak preview. The 2017 edition will revolve around two high-energy and rousing ballets: the impressive and monumental Memory of a Shape by Regina van Berkel and the effervescent and infection Cirkus primitif balet by Staša Zurovac.

Cirkus primitif balet

Croatian choreographer, theatre director and author Staša Zurovac made his Dutch debut with Cirkus primitif balet in October 2015. The dancers, clad in off-grey tutus, sometimes look like primitive cave dwellers, with fearful expressions, hunched shoulders and limbs that fly in all directions. But appearances are deceptive: Zurovac’s choreography puts huge demands on the dancers in terms of precision and stamina. In a wondrous mix of dance styles – from ballet to Slavic folk dance and from ballroom to African dance – the dancers gradually seem to be caught up in a carrousel gone crazy. And so Zurovac’s ‘primitive circus’ can be taken as a metaphor for the human condition.

…an unbridled dance celebration full of raw, highly charged, clownlike dance movements.
(Dans Magazine on Cirkus primitif balet)

Memory of a Shape

Dutch composer Theo Verbey wrote the music for Memory of a Shape, the monumental, virtuoso and complex work for a large dance ensemble that Regina Van Berkel created for Ballett Mainz in 2009. In February 2017, Memory of a Shape joined the Introdans repertoire: this ballet puts a strong emphasis on dance and strong rhythms, and includes a major role for the monumental stage decor and the superb video images by Dietmar Janeck.

…hectic, sparkling, energetic. Memory of a Shape is a challenge that should be danced and seen more often: a great acquisition.
(De Volkskrant on Memory of a Shape)