Zahrah Senese

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2000 Australia

Royal Conservatoire, The Hague

When Zahrah Senese (born in Brisbane, Australia in 2000) was a little girl she liked to copy the movements of her older sister, who wanted to become a dancer. At the age of three, the high-energy Zahrah went to ballet classes to let off some steam. And she found dance and its movements inspiring.

And so she ended up at the Tanya Pearson Academy in Sydney. And while her older sister is now studying literature at the university in Paris, Zahrah is currently attending the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague.

Zahrah and Introdans

GRUPO SPORTIVO and GEK GEZICHT are the shows that Zahrah will be dancing in during her internship.

She hopes that at Introdans she will be able to learn as much as possible and can gain inspiration from the other dancers. Zahrah says: ‘And I want to work hard on my own development. This is different to school, where you mostly listen to the teachers.’

Zahrah and the future

Zahrah likes the Introdans mix of modern and classical ballet: ‘For future auditions it’s always good to have both a classical and modern background. I’d like to continue with the combination, and preferably do this in Europe. Australia, my home country, doesn’t have a historical relationship with dance. In that huge country there are just two large classical and two large modern companies. Things are different in Europe and dancers have more opportunities.’