Roos Englebert

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2000, The Hague, the Netherlands

Royal Conservatoire The Hague

Roos Englebert was born in The Hague in 2000. She started ballet lessons at the age of three because she was so full of energy. She fell in love with dance, took more and more lessons and also went to see lots of dance performances. Originally not with the idea of becoming a dancer, but simply to dance herself and to experience dance as an audience member.

When she was in grade 8, Roos danced in the ‘De Dutch Don’t Dance Division’. Then things moved fast: she started secondary school at a conservatory and is currently attending a follow-up programme at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. And now Roos has come to Introdans where during her internship she will be dancing in the shows THE BATTLE, CHRISTMAS GALA 2019 and ICOON.

Roos and Introdans

Roos has already seen several Introdans productions and she is happy to be doing an internship here: ‘Introdans is a great company with a good repertoire ranging from classical to modern. I really like the mix, since I’m still not sure what direction I want to take in the future. This will help me find myself. Or maybe not, because I’ll be dancing both styles.’

Roos hopes to develop in both physical and mental terms at Introdans: to become physically stronger, to create her own style and thus to become stronger all round. Roos says: ‘I want to become more diverse and to be able to get to grips quickly with different types of repertoire. By being diverse I’ll be able to find work in various areas. I want to be a wide-ranging dancer, to be someone who can do more than one thing.’

Roos and the future

In the coming year Roos will be doing auditions and seeing where this takes her. She hopes to come into contact with other interesting people at Introdans.

She thinks it would be great to dance at the Nederlands Dans Theater in the future: ‘It’s a wonderful company but the places for dancers there are scarce, so it’s almost impossible to join the ensemble at the moment. I hope to find a company where development is possible and where I can see more of the world.’