Nienke Wind


1991 Amersfoort (the Netherlands)

National Ballet Academy, Amsterdam

Introdans (since August 2012)

Aanmoedigingsprijs Dansersfonds '79 (2015)

Nienke Wind’s first appearance on stage was pretty memorable. “I was still very young but our ballet school had a show in the De Flint theatre, so I was given a little role as well. I was an autumn leaf, wearing a yellow tutu with leaves sewn onto it. What was I supposed to do? Well, just whirl around...!”

Nienke’s love of dance is obvious to anyone who talks to this Introdans dancer. Nienke lives, breathes and moves dance. What’s more, she even looks like a classical ballet girl. Long blond hair, of slender build and with big blue eyes. Nienke looks rather elf-like, but in fact she’s an elf of steel. “I put on muscle very quickly, I don’t actually know why that is but I’m quite happy about it, because my body isn’t actually highly suited to ballet.”

Nienke became infected with the dance virus at the age of five. “I didn’t care what I had to dance, as long as I could dance something. I took classical ballet classes and something called ‘classic plus’, but I liked street dance and jazz ballet as well.” She openly admits: “I might even have joined a dancing girls troupe if I’d had the time, but I was already dancing five times a week.”
Nienke recounts that during her training at the National Ballet Academy she kept in mind that she might not make it as a ballerina. “My body’s strong and I’m tough, but I certainly don’t have the ideal body for being a high-level dancer.” This is because of the degree to which she can turn out her hips, Nienke explains. “I’m not particularly supple for a dancer, and my leg simply doesn’t go as high as that of some other dancers. I’ve always known this and felt it physically as well, but it never stopped me from doing what I love most of all with commitment and passion, and that’s to dance.”

As a dancer Nienke is known for her fragile beauty and her ability to give very pure performances of the often emotional roles in which she is cast. “I don’t really know what it is, but it’s true that I’m often asked to portray sick or dying girls.” But she finds it great to dance role like these, stresses Nienke, and moreover she admits that she has a certain propensity for acting.” My mother always used to say I should become an actress.” In the coming period Nienke will be dancing the leading role in ‘Death and the Maiden’. “Another of those roles... (laughs). But I think it’s great to dance ballets like these. I have no trouble finding the right feelings – the music and the movements evoke emotions in me automatically. It’s not as if I have to go on stage and force myself to think about my dead guinea pig in order to feel something.”