Leah Reiter

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2002, Oklahoma, USA

National Ballet Academy, Amsterdam

Leah Reiter was born in Oklahoma (USA) in 2002. Her mother was a dancer and so she soon came into contact with dance herself. ‘It’s not that I wanted to become a dancer because my mother is also from the dance world. But I did feel inspired by her knowledge and experience.’

Leah’s greatest motivation to be a dancer is that she finds it fascinating how dance sets her body free of limitations. Dance gives her possibilities that not everyone automatically has.

She gained a solid foundation in ballet at the Kansas City Ballet School which she attended between the ages of eleven and fifteen. Then she moved to Amsterdam to study at the National Ballet Academy. She chose this course because it would give her more exposure to the European dance world. Following several years in the capital she has now moved to Arnhem for her internship at Introdans.

Leah and Introdans

In 2019/20 season Leah is rehearsing and dancing in various Introdans productions, including THE BATTLE and CHRISTMAS GALA 2019. She expects to gain a lot from her internship: ‘I see really great opportunities. I want to grow further in personal terms. It’s not that no one can help me, but my goal is to decide for myself during my internship which direction I want to take.’

Leah regards Introdans as an inspiring company with talented dancers: ‘Many dancers have a classical and modern background. That’s how I was trained as well but it’s interesting to see what other dancers do.’

‘Everyone at Introdans is friendly and talented. From the dancers to the repetiteurs. I’ve had a really positive first impression of Introdans: this isn’t a place where you need to worry whether you’re going to have a good internship period.’

Leah and the future

Leah isn’t sure yet what she’ll be doing after this season. First of all she’ll be taking a Bachelor’s programme after this year of education. After that it will depend on where she can find work. In principal she’d like to keep dancing in Europe since dancers have a more secure status here than, for instance, in America. There are many places she would be interested in working. And Introdans is certainly one of them…