Gene Goodman

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1999, London, United Kingdom

Royal Ballet School London; Nationale Balletacademie, Amsterdam

Gene Goodman was born in London in 1999. At the age of five he started dancing, simply because he enjoyed it. His father was an actor on Broadway and for years his mother danced with various companies, including the Portuguese National Ballet.

With an interest and background like this, he began his first conscious steps towards dance during his education at the Royal Ballet School in London. Now, the 2019/20 academic year is his fourth year at the National Ballet Academy in Amsterdam.

Gene and Introdans

During his studies in Amsterdam he saw several Introdans performances at galas. Gene: ‘It’s great to now be part of Introdans. From modern to classical: it’s wonderful to experience that there’s so much diversity under one roof. The company stands for diversity. Introdans is a place where you can get on well with everyone. From the teachers to the dancers.’

Gene aims to absorb some of this diversity during his internship period, where he’ll perform in the shows GRUPO SPORTIVO and GEK GEZICHT. He want to learn everything and preferably as fast as possible.

Gene and the future

At the end of the 2019/20 academic year Gene will graduate in the art specialisation ‘Dance’. After his studies he hopes to be able to do many auditions, following his preference for contemporary dance.

‘Maybe I’ll stay where I am now. Germany and the Netherlands are good places for modern dance, and Paris is good for classical dance. And I think it would be nice when I turn 35 to become a choreographer or a teacher, for instance. Until that time I look forward to travelling all over the world.’