Cristina Pastore 

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23 March 1997, Turin (Italy)

National Ballet Academy, Amsterdam

Introdans (in season 2016/17 trainee; from season 2017/18 guest dancer)

Cristina Pastore (Turin, d.d.) took her first steps on the path to a professional dance career when she was three years old. “To begin with it was simply play. I only got more serious about dance when teachers saw that I had talent and urged me to invest more energy.” For the Italian dancer, this meant that she spent her youth commuting between her two great loves: her family and the ballet school. “I saw ballet on television when I was in my grandparents’ home and I became enchanted by that magical world.”

Internship at Introdans

Cristina started considering professional dance options when she was accepted at il Balletto di Castelfranco Veneto. “They offered me many opportunities to develop further as a dancer. During that period I danced not only in Italy but also in Latvia and Russia.” An internship at Het Nationale Ballet in Amsterdam brought Cristina to the Netherlands. “The Introdans repertoire is so good and varied that I’m overjoyed about doing an internship here. 


I find it hard to say what my strong points as a dancer are, but I know that you need to be technically strong and very multifaceted to dance at Introdans.” Christina is drawing on her professional colleagues to get the most out her experience at Introdans. “I think the dancers here are so talented and they work incredibly hard. I’m really letting myself be inspired by them and by the work with the ballet masters.”