Nils Christe

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Nils Christe (Rotterdam, 1949) is a true ‘music choreographer’. He has notebooks filled with analyses, down to the last note, of the compositions he uses for his ballets. The result of this labour is there for all to see, because in his work you feel that every step, jump or arm movement is there for a purpose. His choreographies seem to be natural extensions of the sound world created by the composer. Dance is contained in every fibre of Christe’s body, who is a former dancer of the Nederlands Dans Theater, but music is his creative catalyst. He usually chooses works with a clear signature, often lyrical and melodic, but sometimes also presenting a strong rhythmical challenge, with Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps as his ‘master craftsman examination’ – a test he passed with flying colours.


Christe received his dance education at the Rotterdam Dance Academy and for fifteen years was one of the leading dancers of the Nederlands Dans Theater. It was here that he made his first choreography in 1974. This was quickly followed by other works, including Quartet 1, with which he won the first prize at the famous Choreography Competition in Cologne in 1979. From 1986 to 1992 Christe was the artistic director of the Scapino Ballet, and in the Netherlands he also made choreographies for the special programmes of Alexandra Radius and Han Ebbelaar, for Het Nationale Ballet, De Rotterdamse Dansgroup, Djazzex and for Introdans. Introdans has had a close bond with Christe ever since 1981 and by now the repertoire of the youth ensemble and the ‘adult’ group contains a total of 25 works by him. In September 2014 Introdans danced the Dutch premiere of his Kleines Requiem.

International fame

Moreover, over the last twenty years Christe has achieved major international fame. His ballets are performed by some seventy companies in Europe and North and South America. He has also created choreographies for the operas Dido and Aeneas, Aida and Achnaton. His collaboration with his (life) partner Annegien Sneep is of great importance for his work in both the Netherlands and abroad: she is responsible as repetiteur for teaching all his existing choreographies to dance companies and in later works by Christe she has also designed the costumes.

Le Sacre du Printemps

In 2005 Christe received the Achievement Award of Stichting Dancersfonds ’79. The Dutch premiere of his widely praised Sacre du Printemps, produced by Introdans in 2011, brought him a nomination for a Swan Award for Best Dance Production. His eightieth creation was premiered by the Ballet Am Rhein in Düsseldorf on 17 January 2014. Nils Christe has worked with 68 companies in 25 countries all over the world.

 Choreographies on the Introdans repertoire:

  1. Rounds (1981)
  2. Quartet II (1983)
  3. Pub (1984)
  4. Quartet I (1984)
  5. Aziza, Bodoera en de mooie danseres van Yedo (1985)
  6. Bourrasque (1985)
  7. Four sea interludes (1986)
  8. Lovedance (1995)
  9. Fünf Gedichte (1996)
  10. ZIN! (1997)
  11. Purcell Pieces (1997)
  12. Diner Dansant (1999)
  13. Urlicht (1999)
  14. Duet uit SYNC (2001)
  15. delen uit Pretpierement (2001)
  16. Diabelli Variaties (2001)
  17. La Notte (2001)
  18. Tromba Lontana (2002)
  19. Ensemble (2003)
  20. Träume (2004)
  21. Pulcinella (2004)
  22. Two Sections (2006) 
  23. Symphony in Three Movements (2008)
  24. Le Sacre du Printemps (2011)
  25. Kleines Requiem (2014)
  26. CANTUS (2015)