Laurent Drousie

Although he is the youngest of the choreographers to contribute work to the Introdans repertoire, Laurent Drousie (Tournai, Belgium, 1987) is already proving that he has a highly individual dance idiom. His work is full of energy and dynamism. “I always go off at a slightly different angle than you would want or expect.” 

Dancer and choreographer

At the moment Drousie is still primarily a dancer – he has been a member of the Introdans company since 2008 – but he really enjoys choreographing. “I always found it difficult to express myself, due to dyslexia, and later also because of language barrieres. But my choreographies let me ‘speak’. It’s hard for me to communicate my feelings in words, but I can in dance, and that’s liberating.”


As a young child Drousie danced around the café run by his grandmother. His father would have preferred to see him train football, tennis or judo, but the boy wanted to do ballet. At the age of ten he was accepted by the École du Ballet du Nord in the French town of Roubaix, not far from his place of birth. Following this he was able to spend two years studying at the prestigious École de Danse de l’Opéra National de Paris – an unusual achievement for a non-Frenchman. He not only developed strong technical skills but also discovered how strong the mutual bonds can be with dancers and teachers, a real family feeling – something which he now experiences, he says, at Introdans too. He then studied for his Bachelor’s at the École Supérieure de Danse Rosella Hightower in Cannes and the Royal Ballet School in Antwerp. At the age of eighteen he was accepted by the Royal Ballet of Flanders. But in the end he preferred to work for a smaller company and so he danced at, consecutively, the French company Europa Danse, the Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin and, six years ago, at Introdans.


It was here, in 2009, that he made his choreographic debut with La Ultima during the biannual young choreographic talent programme DANSERSMAKEN. He also created works for the 2011 and 2013 editions, and for the latter event no less than three. Following this Roel Voorintholt, Artistic Director at Introdans, asked him to make a new choreography for the Introdans Christmas Gala in 2012 and 2013. His most recent work, Lines, was a diptych in collaboration with his colleague dancer/choreographer Jorge Pérez Martínez.


Drousie can take his inspiration for all kinds of sources – a piece of music, an emotion, a story that needs to be told – but it’s always about personal experiences or feelings. “I can’t imagine telling a story about something I haven’t experienced for myself. I feel it’s important to stay true to myself, to be honest to myself.”

 Choreographies on the Introdans repertoire:

  1.   La Ultima (2009)
  2.   l’OFF (2011)
  3.   LUX (2012)
  4.   L’Après (2013)
  5.   Labruyère (2013)
  6.   L’Autre (2013)
  7.   Lines (2013)
  8.   l'un différent (2015)
  9.   Lainarc (2015)